UPDATE: Courses now run at weekends to make it easier for customers to attend // April 2014 Onwards


Our technician training courses are certified courses, to show that you have had training in the core skills to becoming a ski and snowboard technician. These courses include hands on experience so that you can take what you have learnt and continue to develop your skills at home or in resort if you are looking to work as a ski and snowboard technician for a season.
Ski And Board Tech Courses


Our ski boot fitting course is designed to give you a solid introduction to the rewarding world of ski boot fitting, with some skills also being useful for snowboard boot fitting. We look at the latest boot technologies, fitting processes and techniques and offer hands-on practical sessions, so that you can take what you have learnt and with experience develop as a competent ski boot fitter.


Custom footbeds are essential for a perfect fitting ski boot and offer many other benefits to the end user. Our course goes through the technology behind custom footbeds, and includes the production of your own pair of custom insoles, undertaking the whole process from selection through to grinding and fitting to the end footwear or ski boot. Ideal as a compliment to the Ski Boot Fitting BSBA 101 Foundation Course.

Boot Camp Technician Training (BCTT) is a dedicated workshop training facility in West Sussex, offering training courses in ski/snowboard servicing, ski boot fitting, custom insole fitting and bicycle maintenance.

Whether you are an individual wanting to learn how to look after your own gear, or an organisation wishing to train season staff right here in the UK in a focused environment, we have a course for you. Each course is dedicated either to the individual or the group, and can be tailored to any organisation's requirements.

Our Training Courses

Ski & Snowboard Technician Training And DIY Courses

We offer two types of ski/board technician training. We have a comprehensive full day course for those looking to work or already working in a ski and snowboard servicing workshop, and a course for the DIY ski tech wanting to look after their own equipment.
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Boot Fitting Technician Training

A comprehensive introduction to the principles of ski boot fitting and adjustment. Ideal for those wanting to work in a boot-fitting environment and a huge benefit to those in a rental situation too.
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Book the workshop technician course and the boot fitting course together, and save £50.00

Custom Footbed Training Course

Backed by Sidas, we offer comprehensive training on the features and benefits of custom moulded footbeds for sport and day-to-day use. This course INCLUDES a custom fitted footbed for your own footwear or boots.
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What You Get From Having A Course With Boot Camp Technician Training

  • Dedicated training and workshop facilities
  • Some of the best knowledge in the winter sports and cycle industry
  • Certificate of attendance for pre-employment courses
  • Supporting materials and after training support


BCTT News And Updates


17 03 2014

We now operate our main courses at WEEKENDS so it is easier for those with other commitments to attend. All courses from April 2014 will offer this option!

27 05 2013

We have given our website a much needed tidy up and added an online calendar booking system, so now you can book and manage your appointment 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Very handy for our overseas attendees coming in from Gatwick and Heathrow.

12 05 2013

This years dates have been added to the calendar and we are now taking bookings!

15 04 2013

We have relocated our boot fitting course to the Edge & Wax Skiers Lounge, a dedicated boot fitting facility. This means more bays, a nicer working environment and quick access to our awesome NEW coffee machine :o)

10 01 2013

Our Ceramic Edge Grinder has been an asset this season and will be integrated into our training programme for Ski & Snowboard Technicians